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Let's look at some other bottled water that you might currently consume.

What is Purified Water?  It is defined as bottled water that usually originates from a municipal water source (tap water) and is further processed (purified) using a reverse osmosis or an ionization system.  You would think that "purified water" would be good for you, but that is not necessarily true.  Many of these bottled waters still contain chlorine and will test out as (acidic) with a low pH.   Many of the so-called purified bottled water brands have been stripped of any electrolytes or minerals that might have been in the original water source.  That's why purified water is often referred to as "dead water."  Some bottling companies attempt to add electrolytes or minerals after the fact, but it is just not the same. Electrolytes are important for proper hydration.  Electrolytes aid in brain, heart and nerve function as well as muscle control and coordination.   They are crucial for cellular function. Many "purified" water brands lack natural electrolytes.  Some of them try and load up their water with too much sodium which can lead to "bloating" (water retention) as well as high blood pressure. 

Unfortunately, Purified water often leaves an unpleasant after-taste and simply does not quench your thirst.  Worse of all, virtually EVERY brand of Purified water on the market is actually "acidic" (below 7.0 pH) which could be more detrimental to your health, rather than a positive attribute.  Brands like Dasani, Aquafina, SmartWater, Life Water, Crystal,  Nestle Pure Life, Deer Park, and countless others have all tested out to be in the 4.0 pH to 5.0 pH range (acidic), providing very little value to your health. (pH test drops turn the water yellow or light green in color if acidic).  Don't be fooled by the terminology of "purified" water. It doesn't mean the water is beneficial to your health.  Know the pH of your water, and choose "alkaline" water that contains natural electrolytes for optimum health.  Also, be certain the bottles are "BPA free" to prevent leaching of BPA into the water.  EXCEL water is a great choice.

You can get a pH test kit and test bottled water yourself using a colored chart.  Adding two or three drops of test solution to 2 ounces of water in a glass will give you quick results.  Just a reminder that 7.0 pH is Neutral.  Anything above 7.0 pH is "Alkaline" which is good and anything below 7.0 pH is considered "Acidic" which is bad.  Your body wants to be as close to 7.4 pH as possible to maintain homeostasis and a healthy environment for tissues and cells.  Therefore, based upon the pH color chart, you want to see water turn to a BLUE color or darker to indicate Alkalinity when tested.  A color of yellow or light green would indicate a bottled water that is actually "Acidic" and does not promote good health for the cells and tissue of your body. 


               4.0 pH Range                       4.0 pH                          5.0 pH Range                      5.0 pH                  5.0 pH


EXCEL water turns BLUE when tested because it is 7.8+ pH (alkaline) for Excellent health. 

EXCEL water contains Natural Electrolytes and Minerals for Fast Hydration and Excellent Taste (no additives)
There is NO Chlorine - NO Calories - NO Additives - EXCEL water bottles are recyclable and BPA-free

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