is Natural Alkaline Mineral  Spring Water that features EXCEL-lent Taste and promotes EXCEL-lent Health.  Unlike other bottled water, EXCEL is Naturally Alkaline at 7.8+ pH or higher and includes Natural Electrolytes and Minerals for Fast Hydration.  EXCEL is not processed, it is all-natural.  There is no chlorine, fluoride, or other harmful additives.  We need water in our body every day. Doesn't it make sense to drink the healthiest water available? Taste and compare the EXCEL difference.  Read the health benefits below.



Natural Alkaline Water Can Improve Your Health

"Because disease thrives in acidosis, drinking alkaline water is the fastest way to positively impact health and eradicate inflammation caused by excess acidity. High pH water can alkalinize the body at the cellular level and help the blood stream maintain its appropriate pH. This, in turn, helps to increase energy, improve sleep, reduce pain, eliminate acid reflux, normalize blood pressure and weight, and resist disease."--Susan Silberstein, PhD, Founder & President, BeatCancer.org

What is the pH of your water?

Everything you drink has a pH value ranging from 1.0 to 14.0 with 7.0 pH being Neutral. Unfortunately most bottled water on the market is "Acidic" with a pH in the 4.0 to 5.0 range leaving the body susceptible to disease and sickness because your body needs to be at 7.4 pH for optimum health.  EXCEL water is Naturally "Alkaline" at 7.8+ pH and includes the Natural Electrolytes and Minerals captured at the source to aid in brain, heart, and nerve function as well as muscle control and coordination.   Plus, the High Alkalinity of EXCEL at 7.8+ pH promotes EXCEL-lent Health and Fast Hydration allowing your Immune System to do what it is intended to do.



Tap Water is Not Always Safe

Most people understand that tap water is okay for washing clothes or bathing, but it is not recommended for drinking or cooking due to the chlorine and potential contaminants.  Everyone knows the story about Flint, Michigan, and sadly there are other municipal water systems with safety concerns.   Many people believe the increase in Cancer rates is due to what we eat and drink (including tap water).  People assume that bottled water is safer, but not all bottled water is the same.  It might surprise you to know that many bottled waters are merely tap water that has been processed (purified) through a machine, but still remains "Acidic," doing more harm to your body than good.  EXCEL is very different because it is not tap water and it is not processed.  EXCEL is Natural Alkaline Mineral Spring Water with high alkalinity at 7.8 pH, Fast Hydration, and EXCEL-lent taste that will quench your thirst and refresh you while promoting EXCEL-lent health.


Bottled at the Source

The "Ice Age" created a unique aquifer that is the source for EXCEL Natural Alkaline Mineral Spring Water.  Our refreshing water is bottled at the source in Wisconsin.  EXCEL uses NO ionization or reverse-osmosis processing which can strip away important nutrients, creating "dead water."  EXCEL is naturally alkaline at 7.8+ pH and features natural Electrolytes and Minerals to promote Fast Hydration and EXCEL-lent Health.  The refreshing taste of EXCEL is unlike any other bottled water you will find.  Our Natural Alkaline Mineral Spring Water is UV-treated and micron filtered for safety and bottled in "BPA-free" bottles.  There is No Chlorine, No Additives, and No Calories.




EXCEL Alkaline Mineral Spring Water is sold in smooth, slim bottles that are BPA-Free.  Each bottle is 16.9 oz of the best tasting water, which is very good for your health at 7.8 pH or higher.  Each case contains 24 bottles.  EXCEL will quench your thirst without leaving an after-taste.  It is both refreshing and healthy.  EXCEL is enjoyed the most when chilled.







Benefits of Alkaline Water in Animals

Some fascinating Japanese research with 40,000 chickens illustrates the health benefits of alkaline water. All received the same feed, but one group was given regular ground water and the other group mineral alkaline water. After one month, the mortality rate of the chicks on the alkaline water was one-eighth the rate of the regular water group. After two months on the alkaline water, diabetic animals demonstrated a 34% reduction in blood sugar levels as compared with the regular water group; also noted were drops in cholesterol values. Most impressive were the cancer results. After only 15 days, the number, size and weight of cancerous tumors were 50% lower in the alkaline water group than they were in the regular water group. 
Source: McMillan FD, J Am Vet Med Assoc 1999; 215(7):992-9


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